Montana Academy Foundation


A New Decade, A New Era

Press Release

“Montana Academy And The Montana Academy Foundation
To Join As a Single Not-For-Profit Entity”


Montana Academy and the Montana Academy Foundation are pleased to announce their plan to join organizations into a single not-for-profit entity. Under the leadership of the Head of School, Matt Keenan, and a robust leadership team, Montana Academy remains dedicated to fulfilling the founding mission of providing first-rate academics with a sophisticated clinical program while cultivating creativity and competence for a new era

Alongside the great work accomplished at the Academy over the last twenty-three years, the Montana Academy Foundation has simultaneously provided a legitimate 501c(3) conduit for parents and friends to support related projects. The mission of the foundation has supported research in adolescent and character development, creative projects bringing the MA model to a wider population within the community, and grants and loans to MA families facing unforeseen financial crises. Over the years, Montana Academy and the Montana Academy Foundation have maintained a strong and supportive relationship in order to make progress towards their separate yet closely aligned missions.



From Matt Keenan

Head of School at Montana Academy

“Key cultural values at Montana Academy emphasize integration in a collaborative learning community. We believe that growth and development is best achieved when we work closely together in pursuit of a common goal, and we take this approach in serving our students and families by fostering a program based on forging strong relationships. Montana Academy and the Montana Academy Foundation have been working collaboratively in this capacity for the past two decades, and we believe that by taking this next step of combining our two entities we can better serve our collective missions both within our local community and on a larger scale.”

From Dr. Rhonda Friedman

Chair of the Montana Academy Foundation Board

“Montana Academy and the Montana Academy Foundation have had a strong and creative relationship over the years in addressing adolescent issues, which is our combined focus. This union of the two organizations will draw upon resources, expertise, and experience of the Academy’s professional staff and the expertise and knowledge of the Foundation and its board members. The combination will achieve the mission of the Foundation and continue the educational and therapeutic excellence that has characterized the Academy since its beginnings.”