2018 MAF Conference on “Teenage Anxiety: Symptoms, Treatments, and Root Causes” is Being Postponed. Check Back Soon for New Dates.

Conference on Teenage Anxiety to be Re-Scheduled

The Montana Academy Foundation regretfully announces the need to re-schedule its conference on “Teenage Anxiety: Symptoms, Treatments, and Root Causes.” Unforeseen complications with the planned dates of September 20-21, 2018, have prevented many interested individuals from registering for the meeting. We have suspended registrations, and those who have already registered will be given immediate full refunds.

Despite our disappointment in needing to make this decision, we remain committed to presenting the conference at a time when its value can be experienced by the many people who have expressed interest in attending but could not make the dates work for them.

We hope to announce shortly new dates for the conference. If you would like to share your thoughts, please contact Dennis Hartzell, the Foundation’s Executive Director, either by phone (415 310 0426) or by email (dennis@dhartzell.com).


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