Financial Assistance

From its earliest days, the Montana Academy Foundation has secured donations to provide emergency assistance to families who experience an unforeseen financial crisis.  Over the years, the Foundation has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial aid to current Montana Academy families who find themselves in such distressed circumstances that, without help, their children would be unable to complete their treatment programs.

To assure that no student making satisfactory progress would be required to leave Montana Academy prematurely, the Foundation’s Board of Directors developed a careful due diligence process that would determine the family’s true need while also protecting the family’s privacy. To make its limited resources go further, and to offer help across a broader spectrum of need, the Foundation has also provided low-interest emergency loans for families who then commit to repay those loans, replenishing the resources available for future families in need.  To leverage the Foundation’s limited funds even further, Montana Academy itself contributes half of the support that a family legitimately needs.  For a number of families, this urgent aid has made the difference between a student’s completing treatment or not.